to the spa region in the heart of Germany

Located in the heart of Germany, the Rhoen counts among the greatest natural parks an recreation landscapes of Central Europe. The landscape, which is formed by elemental basalt peaks, has endless mats and lonely plateaus, dark moors, extensive forests and clear streams in tranquil valleys an occupies a special place in the variety of the Central German Uplands.

The Bavarian Rhoen counts among the most attractive and highly esteemed health- and wellness regions of Central Europe. It comprises five spa towns and is situated in a great natural park and UNESCO biosphere reserve: the Rhoen. The landscape is formed by elemental basalt peaks. It is characterized by endless clear plains and high plateaus, natural moors, extensive forests and clear streams in tranquil valleys.
Here you find a perfect place to take a break from everyday life.

Five health spas Bad BockletBad Brückenau (and City), Bad KissingenBad Königshofen and Bad Neustadt offer a wide variety of health care, wellness, vitality and beauty facilities.

Many houses offer individual stays with specific elaborated services and recreational applications. Spa waters and climate conditions support all kinds of medical treatment, intensifying their curative effects. So just lean back, relax in silence and explore the original landscape of the uplands of the biosphere reserve Rhoen.

It doesn´t matter whether you plan active vacations or a wellness weekend – just contact us and we’ll find the perfect vacation for your special wishes.